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Leave a comment on this journal below (using thumbs or links) featuring some photos you've recently come across and have inspired you in your photography practices :D

You can also (optional) leave a sentence or two saying what you like so much about the photography.

These are works that have really caught my eye recently:

Colour and shape is everything!
Alice in Wonderland by Season-5 I See You by WillTC T-spot by Pierre-Lagarde
(quiet concord) by andrewpershin Abstract Photograph #22 by ShininGecko

Groovy nature!
No Mountain too High by EnyoStoirm IC by Tam3n Jeweller's. by Phototubby
Storm ahead by BlackAries13 La tendresse by dashakern
Pepper Tree at sunset. by melodramaticfineart A Time for Reflection by mj-magic Impact on the Shore by MarkLucey

The Dust and the Girl II by VelvetRedBullet

Mature Content

Amorphous by AaronJJenkins

Sonya by yromanenko
Waiting by GothicNarcissus Whispering Wind by MariannaInsomnia


Thank you for all those who have recently joined PhotoUnited! It's exciting to watch the group grow :aww: We're almost at 250! Invite your photo-enthusiastic friends and colleagues!

To the new members here (and a reminder to the old) I hope for this group to become a place of education and discourse between photographers. Critique is welcome and encouraged! I've done a lot of talk on this but not much action (being distracted with other things) BUT if you have any ideas on how we could build each other up in skill or becoming closer as a community, have articles or videos to share, feel free to comment or note the founder and I will consider sharing them to the group in future journals!

And do not be shy or discouraged if your work is declined. I have work that's still declined too because sometimes what we submit just doesn't fit the gallery's standards or aims. I have seen people leave this group just because one piece was declined (though they had other works already in the group) and I really want to tell you guys not to be concerned about it if this happens to you, but to ask questions and see what you could do to improve your work.
For submission standards please see the FAQ/Submission Policy here (it is also linked on the home page):…
Important bits from the Policy:
When you are submitting, imagine this is going into a professional gallery in the city. Is this a good representation of what my work is all about? Is it conceptually or technically engaging? Am I ready for negative critique in case I might get some?

Please submit correctly according to each folder, either Colour, Monochrome/Duotone or Phonoegraphy. (Leave Featured for the founder to manually add to ;) )

This is a group for hobbyists and intermediate photographers to take that extra step in the quality of their work, formally/technically and conceptually.

Now for a little feature for some of the newest members in the group to help you feel cosy in your new community :D

Tommy Richardsen :icontrichardsen:

Evening Star by Trichardsen Connection by Trichardsen

Pavel Toshev  :iconsandbg:

Greenfall by SandBG Sunshine Lift by SandBG

Savio Agnelo Delphino Fernandes :iconprowlerz:

_Another Day At The ....._ by ProwlerZ _THE FUN FAIR III:THE BEGINNING_ by ProwlerZ

Richard (Rikitza) :iconrikitza:

Incredible India - on the bridge in Mumbai by Rikitza View From The 49th Floor by Rikitza

Kimberley Sullot :iconlessullot:

Morning dew. by LesSullot White Sensation. by LesSullot

Joachim-Hagen :iconjoachim-hagen:

Scheuerfeld 01 by joachim-hagen Boats and Moon by joachim-hagen

Our Friendly Sheep! :D :iconschafsheep:

what do you see by schafsheep stillstand by schafsheep

Victoria Yarlikova :iconinvisigoth88:

. by invisigoth88 . by invisigoth88

Be sure to give these guys a fave or comment!
:peace: :camera:
Well that last journal was a flop. Do you guys have any ideas what you would like to do in the group that involves in getting better at your photography?
Logistics of this game is that you must take a recent photo from the user who has commented immediately above you (or the latest comment on the thread) and give a brief but detailed critique of that photo including its strengths and weaknesses.
For the first person to comment on here take a recent photo of mine :aww: (see here:…)

Anyone is welcome so long as you play properly BUT you MUST do photography and have it uploaded to your deviantart gallery!

Happy playing and critiquing!
Hallo guys! I am excited to announce the winners for PhotoUnited's first (completed) photography contest :aww:
This competition's main criterion was bright colours (at least 2 colours present). Works were also judged on areas such as light, creativity, clarity and general quality of the image (as well as following the competition rules).

Congratulations :icontasosp-photography: for winning the competition with the submission "The Colors of Creation"
The colors of creation by TasosP-Photography

The colours from the sky and lights of the urban scape fit the brief well and are eye catching! Because of the particular setting of this work, effective lighting has been naturally produced and due to the high quality of the image, it is captured well. It's interesting to see how a photo with so many shadows can still be very bright. Beautiful image!

No Vacancy by TasosP-Photography Holyrood palace by TasosP-Photography Welcome to.... by TasosP-Photography
3 incarnations of Doctor Who by TasosP-Photography Chocolate factory by TasosP-Photography Poison Ivy by TasosP-Photography

"Bright Fish" by :iconjorgipie: Congratulations!
Bright Fish by Jorgipie

You have kept to the rules of the competition very well. The composition, in regard to layout, spacing and defining foreground and background is very good. One thing that stopped this piece from winning was the lack of clarity of the main focus (the fish). It's understandable that taking photos of fish can be difficult but unfortunately it disrupts the flow of the image a little bit. But congratulations on second place!

Bridge To The Clouds by Jorgipie Warmth by Jorgipie

Third place goes to :icondstreetphoto: with "Roundabout Close Up"
I'm glad an abstract photo got into the top 3! You fulfilled the colour requirement perfectly and the image is of very high quality. Where the work could have improved to make it seem more eye catching, is some creative use of light, even if something basic like making the shadows darker, altering the midtones. But nonetheless, thank you for the great submission!

Thank you to everyone who participated. We got more submissions than I was expecting, woo! :la:
From this contest I would also like to give a Highly Recommended to :iconeyeofthekat: whose photo "The Song" didn't quite reach the brief, but is still a beautiful photo!
The Song by EyeOfTheKat


Another surprise I would like to give is for those who entered the group's previous competition - which was stopped abruptly and never finished due to management changes. I can't give prizes per say, but here are the top three photos from that contest :aww:

Unwind by paschlewwer Into the Light by chickaxiong Fear by Merkosh

Please consider donating some points to photounited-points.deviantart.… so that winners can receive points as prizes for future competitions! :D

Congratulations everyone and happy holidays :iconbummyplz: :iconsantalaplz: