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Congrats-banner3 by GeorgieDeeArt
Thank you for all of the submissions, there were very many great photos submitted and were exciting to look through!


...there can only be one winner :happybounce:

Marking criteria was based on: Landscape orientation, focus of nature in the photo, use of light and amount of darkness present and general clarity of the image.

First prize goes to Paddler's off Miller's Point by :iconafricanobserver:
Paddlers off Miller's Point by AfricanObserver
Winner-grant1winn by GeorgieDeeArt


Constantia Valley by AfricanObserver
Tenebrae Candles by AfricanObserver
Juliet by AfricanObserver
Little Girl, Big Eyes by AfricanObserver
Happy Ladies - UAC March, Cape Town by AfricanObserver Yellow face by AfricanObserver
Feather by AfricanObserver West Coast Flowers by AfricanObserver
Throwing a galaxy by AfricanObserver
Sunset over Signal Hill by AfricanObserver

Second place was very close... Congratulations to :iconwilltc: for Gradient! :la:

Gradient by WillTC
Second-thien1 by GeorgieDeeArt


Ceilings by WillTC Shadows by WillTC Angular by WillTC
Mind Reflection by WillTC

There is a bonus Highly Commended due to the tight competition of second place.
So Highly Commended goes to :iconmerkosh: for Georgenberg
Georgenberg 4 by Merkosh

I would also like to give a special thanks to :iconfeigenfrucht: for helping promote the contest :aww:

Stay tuned for other contests and activities! :camera:
Competition is now closed
Welcome to the third photo contest by PhotoUnited! This competition is for all members of PhotoUnited and its affiliated groups! These groups include:
:iconsquarephotos: :iconphotographrevolution:
:iconbeginnersphotography: :iconthe-helpful-group:
:iconheavens-on-earth: :iconcontributearts:

The theme for this competition is

Dark Landscapes

If you are new to photographing nature/landscapes or would like some extra tips for this contest, visit these resources for some guidance:…  - Landscape Aperture… - Tools and Preparation for outside landscape shooting (some cussing)… - Quick basic tips for Dawn ans After Sunset shooting…… - Interview with a Professional Landscape Photographer, if you have extra time :P

:bulletyellow: You must either be a member of PhotoUnited or be a part of one of our affiliated groups!

Affiliated members submit here:…

:bulletyellow: Dark Landscapes Can be interpreted anyway possible so long that the majority of the image is nature and dark. (Architecture, animals, people and other objects are allowed in small amounts.)
:bulletyellow: Light (such as sun, moon, etc.) is allowed, just not overbearing.
:bulletyellow: Works MUST be in Landscape orientation, not portrait. Please consider the term we are using here!
:bulletyellow: No snapshots! Although all photos will be "accepted", a snapshot will not win this competition.
:bulletyellow: No more than 2 submissions per person. (In 'Dark Landscapes Comp' folder)
:bulletyellow: Photos can be new or old creations :la:
:bulletyellow: Photos must be submitted by the 12th of May.

What the winner receives
First place wins a journal feature of their work (10 works) AS SELECTED by the photographer personally. Two of these works will further feature on the group's home page, as chosen by the founder.

Second place will receive a small feature, as selected by founder.

Results will be released around 13-14th of May.

Inspiration for the theme:
Cumbrian Spring: Sunset Pasture by Coigach After the Rain by insolitus85 A Menacing Arrival by ryangallagherart Three reasons. by incredi
A Sun like Embers by brittanyfay Part of My Dream World by WillTC
Sunset by MarieStars
Nightwalker by Phoenixstamatis Gelbe Kugel by feigenfrucht
(If any of these works are yours and want to submit them, you are welcome to).

Any issues with submission and rules just comment or note. Happy snapping! :camera:
Hey lads and lasses!
I have created a new folder 'Feedback folder' which is pretty self-explanatory that is for submitting works where people can see what you want particular feedback on!
Submissions will be less strict in this folder and limits are only 1 per week (per user).
The aim of the folder is for photographers to become more communicative in sharing ideas and techniques with each other and (hopefully) every month a folder of the past month's submissions will be featured in a journal with pros and cons of the work. (Not to embarrass anyone but to improve!)

I have also downsized the limit on some folders to only 3 or 4 submissions per week. Remember to select your BEST pieces for this group! Treat this like a real gallery! Your best shiny pieces :thumsbsup:

And please if anyone has suggestion on what we could within the group feel free to comment suggestions!
Sometime soon I hope to create another Photography Competition so stay tuned for that!

Now, for something fun which level (1-8) of photographer are you?
See video here:…
Comment your answers below!
Leave a comment on this journal below (using thumbs or links) featuring some photos you've recently come across and have inspired you in your photography practices :D

You can also (optional) leave a sentence or two saying what you like so much about the photography.

These are works that have really caught my eye recently:

Colour and shape is everything!
Alice in Wonderland by Season-5 I See You by WillTC T-spot by Pierre-Lagarde
(quiet concord) by andrewpershin Abstract Photograph #22 by ShininGecko

Groovy nature!
No Mountain too High by EnyoStoirm IC by Tam3n Jeweller's. by Phototubby
Storm ahead by BlackAries13 La tendresse by dashakern
Pepper Tree at sunset. by melodramaticfineart A Time for Reflection by mj-magic Impact on the Shore by MarkLucey

The Dust and the Girl II by VelvetRedBullet

Mature Content

Amorphous by AaronJJenkins

Sonya by yromanenko
Waiting by GothicNarcissus Whispering Wind by MariannaInsomnia